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The concept and information visualization of the entire site was carried out by interpreting the Omnipresence Network Service as a trendy, friendly and dynamic digital medium that we can meet anytime and anywhere in our daily lives.

Omnipresence Networks service

Good Friends

UI / UX Design Renewal

Improvement of corporate homepage UI/UX renewal based on the configuration and concept of corporate branding focusing on the advanced distribution capabilities of BGF Retail that operates CU

Trendy, Friendly, Energy delivers 'Be Good Friends' corporate brand message that creates a new and convenient day every day

BGF Retail Branding

In order to synchronize the corporate image of BGF Retail that visitors think of and that of stakeholders, and further brand the future image of the company, NINEFIVE tried the renewal direction from various perspectives. BGF Retail, which had been recognized only as a CVS convenience store franchise with a single CU brand, was intended to show its future-oriented distribution capabilities and as a market-leading retailer that changes customers' lifestyles through site renewal. We also tried to faithfully provide information on BGF Retail, which continues to actively practice ESG activities. In addition, we have optimized usability by improving UI/UX in line with the latest trends.

Design Strategy

BGF Retail needed a new brand image that could express a diverse and advanced distribution system, business capabilities, and corporate vision. In order to deliver a clear message about the present and future of the company, we focused on friendly yet progressive concept of BGF Retail through 3D objects and motions that can show the distribution system flow and business area at a glance. And in the detailed content, layouts optimized for the user's online environment, infographics, and placement according to the information hierarchy were considered for delivering detailed and effective EGS information that is being widely active.

BGF Live

BGF Live wanted to organize a customer-friendly page as a communication channel to communicate the various activities and news of BGF Group. The rounding shape from the BGF logo and the color scheme that stands out in the media have created a bright and friendly image. In addition, it is divided into press releases, magazines, and media according to the content tendency, so that the information you want is easily Structured for access.

A good friend of customers and society

Color system

Icon design

Page design

To make it easy for all visitors to understand, we actively utilized images and infographics to create key content. With a simple and refined layout using round borders, we wanted to increase the concentration on ESG content and give a sense of unity to the entire site. The menu system has been reorganized to increase accessibility to the content users want, and a responsive web has been implemented so that information can be obtained according to various device environments.

  • Client
  • Credit
    Creative Director : 
    Younghee Jo
    Project Manager : 
    Moonsoo Kim
    Designer : 
    Chungmoo Lee, Hana Choi, Ara Jo, Hyewon Kim, Yunmi Cha, Jeonghye Hwang, Hyejin Sim
    Motion Designer : 
    Dai-jin Han, Minbum Kang
    Developer : 
    Eunseop Shin, Yeseung Kim, Sangbum Kim, Seoa Kwon