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Samsung Semiconductor Global Key Visual

NINEFIVE executed a complete refresh for Samsung Semiconductor global site, which was a bit lacking in consistency of its key visuals and copy message. By incorporating our client?s new aspirational brand message for a consistent look and feel throughout the site experience, we were able to create a unified tone calibrated precisely for our client?s customers. In order to inject imaginative aura to technical content, we developed a new visual tone of metaphorical representation and language to succinctly emphasize the products? user benefit and environmental goodwill. To better convey some of these features and benefits, we created intuitive yet stylish infographics to clearly explain the advantages of our clients? product and services. In addition, we carefully expressed key visual themes from the Samsung Visual Guide for our overall look and concept, and successfully executed a refreshed global site with a unified and consistent tone and manner throughout.

  • Client Samsung Electronics
    Cheil Worldwide
  • Credit Creative Director: Younghee Jo
    Producer: Yujin Won, Moonsoo Kim, Hongsun Choi
    Designer: Kihan Kim, Suwoong Byun, Sunkyung Park
  • Launch the Site
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