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Samsung Exynos

Exynos is one of the core Samsung Brands that deals with Mobile Application Processor, Modem and RF chip. NINEFIVE and Samsung Semiconductor have worked on the Renewal Project of The goal was to build the site that has a strong identity and an easy interface for B2B&B2C both with rich experience. To deliver the message of ‘Rich Technology and Simple Life’, NINEFIVE has conceived the concept of Golden Ratio that has a simple and infinite pattern, which is applied to the Universal Menu and the whole layout. All contents has been polished so that general users can understand and explore easily. The newly redesigned works perfectly on all browsers with web standard and on PC, Tablet and of course Mobile.

  • Client Samsung Electronics
  • Credit Creative Director: Younghee Jo
    Project Manager: Moonsoo Kim
    Lead Designer: Suwoong Byun
    Designers: Kihan Kim, Chungmoo Lee, Yujin Kwon
    Developer: Jaewon Moon, Bumsuk Kim
  • Launch the Site
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