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NINEFIVE started this project to create an application for working mothers to support their child care by using smart devices. The application comes with two versions for different circumstance, the tablet application for the baby sitter and the smartphone application for the mother. Considering the varieties of baby sitters’ age, the tablet application has intuitive UI elements with simple ‘Drag&Drop’ interaction. Baby sitter can write a baby care journal directly from the main page by simply dragging the relevant item into the center of the page. The type of an item and time will be set automatically and these can be modified manually as well. The created journal is sent real-time to their mother and the information is displayed on a circular GUI with the written time and the type of an item. Mother’s application has full authority of the application settings and only viewing function for the baby care journal.

*Won a 2015 iF Design Award with an unique UI and concept

  • Client NINEFIVE(Agency)
  • Credit Creative Director : Younghee Jo
    UX Planner: Younghee Jo, Yujin Won, Moonsoo Kim, Hyeoksik Choi
    Designers : Kihan Kim, Yujin Kwon, Jisun Cha, Seunga Lee
    Developer: Eunsup Shin
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