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iGoBaeya – Contraction Timer

Among many Contraction Timer apps out there, it’s hard to find a decent app that preganant women can use easily with good quality. This is where we started. Let’s make a good Contraction Timer app that works perfectly and is even beautiful. We named it ‘iGoBaeya’ meaning ‘Ah! My stomach hurts!’ in Korean with slightly witty tone. We tried to design UI as friendly and simple as possible to relief the tension that women would feel at the contraction moment.

  • Client NINEFIVE(Agency)
  • Credit Creative Director : Younghee Jo
    Project Manager : Jungwoong Shin
    UX Planner : Moonsoo Kim
    Art Director : Suwoong Byun
    Designer : Yujin Kwon, Chungmoo Lee
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