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The world is moving towards renewable energy and the demand for solar energy is expected to rise as consumers and businesses become increasingly aware of its benefits. NINEFIVE has worked closely with the global leading solar module manufacturer Hanwha and launched Hanwha Solar Energy R&D Site. Our goal was to emphasize Hanwha’s solar energy leadership along with the energy paradigm shift and to deliver Hanwha’s innovative technologies in an efficient way. To achieve our goal, Hanwha’s R&D story was spread out to the linear storytelling format with the immersive visual experience.

Hanwha has been a driver of technical advancements in line with solar energy innovation across the globe. The website was carefully designed with a concept of ‘Journey’, and projected industry-leading technical expertise for a sustainable planet throughout Hanwha’s R&D story. To enhance the user engagement, we’ve arranged the content to gradually get more intense as the user navigates the website from Sun through the Earth to the solar cells and modules.
It’s very simple to navigate Hanwha Solar R&D Site. By having the linear structure, the user can navigate the website back and forth intuitively with either mouse scroll or the left and right button on the keyboard. For the faster navigation function, menus on the bottom of the page enables quick jump between sections. The progress bar at the top of the bottom menu indicates the current location and the icon changes from rocket to human. The transition effects used throughout the website made pages flow seamlessly. Visual elements and motions were used to make the content immersive with the enhanced viewing experience.
Page Design
  • Client Hanwha
  • Credit Creative Director : Younghee Jo
    Producer : Hyeoksik Choi
    UX Planner : Hyeoksik Choi, Moonsoo Kim, Juhyun In
    Lead Designer : Yujin Kwon
    Designer : Kihan Kim, Jisun Cha, Seunga Lee
    Motion Grapher : Dai-jin Han, Minbum Kang
    Developer: Eunseop Shin, Sujung Lim
  • Launch the Site
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