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Cheil Worldwide and Samsung Electronics published Gear IconX advertorial on two famous fashion magazines, ‘GQ’ and ‘Glamour’, along with the online campaign in UK and Germany. NINEFIVE had an opportunity to create Gear IconX campaign site to provide magazine subscribers a direct online experience. We’ve designed mobile-friendly, responsive website with the grid style layout and easy interactions to deliver intuitive contents and to improve browsing experience. Every content fits perfectly on the mobile screen, so users don’t need to scroll the page while viewing the content, and they can browse between contents with a single flick. We adopted the tone and manner and lifestyle images from the magazine to provide a seamless experience and show the connection between the advertorial and the campaign site. It offers more intensive information, so when users visit the site through the magazine, they can continue their journey seamlessly. There are various instruments providing convenience to reduce cart abandonment and enhance the purchase experience.

User Journey

Users can quickly access to the campaign site by gently placing their smartphone on the NFC tag or scanning the QR code followed by the guide on the advertorial. The campaign site was designed with consideration of navigation between contents and how users would browse them. To achieve these goals, we’ve categorized the contents into 5 vertical sections and arranged relevant contents horizontally. As a result, users can either flick or swipe the page to view other contents. The contents were carefully composed by exposing more detailed and specific information above all the other contents to deliver extended experience in online.

  • Client Cheil Worldwide
  • Credit Creative Director : Younghee Jo
    Producer: Moonsoo Kim
    UX Planner: Hyeoksik Choi, Juhyun In
    Designers : Kihan Kim, Yujin Kwon, Jisun Cha, Seunga Lee, Inhye Han
    Developer: Eunseop Shin, Moeun Lee
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