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Samsung Electronics’ O2O promotion ‘♥7’ was held at CGV to promote their latest products including Galaxy S7, Gear 360 and Gear VR. People can access to the promotion site by simply placing their smartphone on the GALAXY SMART MAT via NFC tags. Our mission was to create a fascinating contents that emphasis USP of the products and catch people’s eyes on site. We used HTML5 and produced a contents with dramatic motion using ‘Extreme Zoom’ technique to allow every smartphone users can experience the contents and draw their attention.

Planning User Scenario

One of our strategies was to immediately capture people’s attention right after they enter the promotion site. We also had to consider the file size to optimize the contents on mobile environment, so 3D nor video contents wasn’t an option for us. As a solution, we decided to use HTML5 motion with ‘Extreme Zoom’ technique on every beginning of the contents to draw attention and we could deliver a strong impression by using minimum elements of product USP contents with intensive motions. After the brief introduction, the motion guides to press buttons on the GALAXY SMART MAT and people can join the offline promotion by solving the quiz provided on the promotion site. We carefully crafted content exposure time around 10 seconds to entertain people while maintaining their interest. We also provided the QR code for iPhone users who can’t use NFC to watch intro motion and solve a quiz.

Catching User’s eyes instantly

We had to run a several motion tests to catch people’s eyes with ‘Extreme Zoom’ technique and make the introduction scene intense. We made a prototype to test the intensity, duration and direction of Easing In and Out and applied to every beginning of the contents. We applied the consistent motion on product USP contents and also on transition motion to the quiz to keep a strong impression till the end.

  • Client Cheil Worldwide
  • Credit Creative Director : Younghee Jo
    Producer : Moonsoo Kim
    UX Planner : Hyeoksik Choi, Juhyun In
    Designers : Kihan Kim, Yujin Kwon, Jisun Cha, Seunga Lee, Inhye Han
    Developer : Eunsup Shin, Moeun Lee
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