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Galaxy S8 – Times Square Takeover

Samsung unveiled Galaxy S8 through ‘Unbox Your Phone’ event in New York Times Square. 12 buildings around Times Square were filled with immersive underwater art installation with a giant whale to express the Galaxy S8’s new ‘Infinity Display’. Times Square were submerged by the blue ocean and NINEFIVE was filming the video to vividly convey the scenery of the event. We composed and captured the entire street to show its enormous scales.

Shooting Plan
in Times Square

The Galaxy S8 - Unbox Your Phone event was held only for 3 hours, so rehearsal and preparation was very important. We’ve visited 12 buildings around Times Square and tried to find the right spot to capture the entire street. We decided to split our team to Steadicam and 360 camera and adjust the route by carefully measuring distances and times. With an organized time schedule, we could successfully capture vibrant moments of the event.


On March 29th from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM, the entire New York City’s Times Square were painted blue. During the Galaxy S8 – Unbox Your Phone event, the giant whale was swimming freely between buildings and screens without any boundaries and the Times Square became a deep blue ocean.

  • Client Cheil Worldwide
  • Credit Creative Director: Younghee Jo
    Motion Director: Dai-jin Han
    Motion Designer: Minbum Kang
    Producer: Hyeoksik Choi
    Designers: Kihan Kim, Yujin Kwon
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