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Facebook PockeTVC – Lancome UV Summer Duo

Global beauty brand Lancome and gorgeous actress Kim Go Eun promoted UV Expert Aqua Gel summer packages for the holiday season. NINEFIVE made 2 distinct PockeTVCs that can attract young customers (20s to 30s) on Facebook. We’ve optimized contents for the mobile environment with 4:5 aspect ratio and they were executed on Facebook and Instagram. We’ve achieved a quite pleasant result with a favorable reception. Moreover, this promotion has made as the case study for Facebook seminars.

Mobile Size 4:5
It is important to bear in mind that the video ads in the mobile world is not the same as the television. While the widescreen format is a common size for movie and television, it looks very small and feels suffocating when it’s displayed on a smartphone. On the other hand, square and portrait size videos fit well on smartphone screen and it doesn’t need to be changed to horizontal mode to view in a full screen. Especially the aspect ratio of 4:5 delivers the most comfortable viewing experience on Facebook and Instagram.
Two Concepts
UV Expert Aqua Gel PockeTVCs were produced with 2 different marketing strategies and executed simultaneously on Facebook. 2 conceptual videos broaden the target group and the promotion was distributed to a wide range of customers. In addition, different video was exposed to customers if they already watched the other one and it really increased the engagement.
PockeTVC with
Product Based Approach
The first PockeTVC was produced with the product based approach. Seasonable elements such as sunglass and swimsuit were exposed to decorate the product to emphasize the sunblock is an essential product for the summer holiday. Sunlight and wave were used as intensive transition effects and expressed its extensive UV protection and moisturizing texture.
PockeTVC with
Visual based Approach
Lancome defines itself as a timeless image of the eternal beauty. The second PockeTVC focused on actress Kim Go Eun’s innocence and purity. By applying a magazine cover look, the product’s UPS was well expressed through the Kim Go Eun’s image and enhanced the visual satisfaction.
Page Design
  • Client LANCOME, Facebook
  • Credit Creative Director : Younghee Jo
    Producer: Hyeoksik Choi
    Designer : Kihan Kim, Yujin Kwon, Jisun Cha
    Motion Grapher : Dai-jin Han, Minbum Kang
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