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Facebook PockeTVC – All New Camaro SS

‘All New Camaro SS PockeTVC’ is a mobile-optimized Facebook video contents which is to promote Chevrolet’s All New Camaro SS launch in Korean market. Our task was to make the PockeTVC short and simple to maintain the audience’s attention while highlighting Camaro’s USP. It has been tightly edited with a tense to emphasis Camaro’s nimble performance and informative visual graphics and captions were added to deliver the key message intuitively.

Planning PockeTVC Scenario

In order to retain the Original TVC storyline and to appeal Camaro’s USP together in a short video, it has been divided into intro, climax, and release sections. The video begins with showing Camaro’s intensive exterior, then the caption implies the plot of the story which is about to accelerate from 0 to 160 km/h and back to 0 within the limited distance of 313 m. As the speed gains and reaches to the climax, the scene changes rapidly and slows the tempo dramatically right after it accomplishes 160 km/h to emphasis its powerful engine and sharp brake system. Informative visual graphics and captions have been used to provide the better understanding of the TVC story and USP and to keep the overall tone sporty to deliver a strong impression of Camaro SS.

  • Eye-catching Intro

  • Performance-driven Editing

  • Visual Aid
  • Client General Mortors
    Cheil Wordwide
  • Credit Creative Director: Younghee Jo
    Producer: Hyeoksik Choi
    Designers: Kihan Kim, Yujin Kwon, Inhye Han
    Motion Designer: Dai-jin Han, Seonho Kim
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