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Chevrolet – Complete Care

NINEFIVE has created Facebook creatives for Chevrolet’s warranty service, ‘Chevrolet Complete Care’. Facebook TVC and Canvas were produced with a ‘Watching Radio’ concept to deliver Chevrolet customer’s touching story, and line drawing animation with clear, concise captions were used to achieve its tone and manner. On Facebook TVC, the line drawing animation played a very important role. It made the mood for the audience-friendly approach, and more importantly, it gathered all the video footage of individual scenes that are used in Facebook TVC to a whole seamless story. Unlike traditional rich media, Facebook Canvas gave us more freedom to use image and video. We’ve stretched and polished the customer story to a long portrait canvas with an additional car maintenance tips to illustrate Chevrolet Complete Care’s unwavering commitment to its customer.

  • Leave the essence
    and throw the rest

  • Tell a story
    with and without sound

  • Add a design concept
    to draw the audience’s attention

Facebook Canvas is a new type of interactive creative that features a combination of multiple images and videos. It delivers an efficient way of telling a brand story with the immersive user experience.
Collage decoration has been used to draw the audience’s attention. Contents were composed with Chevrolet customer’s story and car maintenance tips to enhance the brand image.

  • Client GM
  • Credit Creative Director : Younghee Jo
    Producer : Hyeoksik Choi
    Lead Designer : Yujin Kwon
    Designer : Seunga Lee
    Motion Grapher : Dai-jin Han, Seonho Kim
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