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Digital Design

NINEFIVE is a global digital design company located in Seoul, South Korea. Since it’s established in April of 2011, NINEFIVE has worked with World top class companies like Samsung Electronics, Samsung Semiconductor, Cheil Worldwide, Pantech, SK, and Google. We plan, design and develop content for digital campaigns and software&application embedded with Smart phone, TV, Kiosk and more. Recognized for its creative ability and devoted attitude, NINEFIVE is selected as a partner with Cheil Worldwide and registered as a venture company, INNOBIZ and Ettuem Company. NINEFIVE believes in the value of 95% effort and will keep moving forward as a top global digital design company with pride and passion.

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that matters

Through years of experience, we've learned that enjoying the creative process is key to success in projects and business. Our name NINEFIVE stems from that spirit and not only by 5% of idea but also focusing on 95% devotion, we promise that we will deliver satifying results with meticulous attention to details.


NINEFIVE has been making the culture of ‘Enjoying the process together’. It is about a pure joy from the passion for work, creating a synergy with coworkers and the stable welfare system. Through the philosophy of joy, we try to make our creative crews use their ability fully as long as possible. We believe the harmony of 95% effort and the culture of joy will make our creation distinctive.


NINEFIVE is a company focused in digital design. We do Application, Web, Digital Content, Digital Signage and more. NINEFIVE has years of experience in all kinds of platforms and ability to create high level quality than any other from experience. We think there is no boundary in digital world. We will keep moving forward leveraging our capability with that mind.

  • Application

    NINEFIVE produces Applications for Mobile, Tablet, TV and more. To provide distinctive UX, NINEFIVE does various R&Ds as well.

    • Mobile Application
    • Software UX/UI
    • SNS Application
    • Android Launcher Theme
  • Web

    NINEFIVE provides the best quality and an integrated service planning and design. Front and Backend development. Analytics and reporting.

    • Corporate & Brand Site
    • Digital Campaign Site
    • Site Operation Management
  • Movie

    Based on experience, know-how, and expertise in video production, NINEFIVE provides videos specialized in various media platforms through pre-production, filming and post production.

    • Production
    • PR Movie
    • 2D/3D Animation
    • Motion Graphic
    • VR Video
  • Digital Content

    The content for Web, On/Offline Advertising and various devices. NINEFIVE provides effective service from strategy & design to operation & maintenance.

    • Contents Strategy
    • Contents Production
    • Contents Management
    • Movie & Online Banner
  • Creative Consulting

    Branding. CI/BI Development. Strategy, Production, and Result Analasys for digital campaign. NINEFIVE provides full solution for your creative project.

    • Creative Strategy
    • Marketing Strategy
    • CI/BI Strategy
    • User Analytics
Our proud projects won a number of global awards. Here are some of recognition from past.
Reliability Partner

The promise with the client is the most important to NINEFIVE. It is about the best quality, precise delivery and passion willing to create more than the client wants. To be a reliable partner with our clients, NINEFIVE put our clients first and it is our everlasting belief.